Lighting is one of the most important detail in a decoration project. Each room demands a different type of lighting.

 See how to choose and distribute the light points correctly, not only within the decoration and its ambience, but above all, considering the respective room and its functionality.

The Kitchen

This is often an active place, so the lighting must be bright and efficient. Frequently, people prefer to install white lighting in the kitchen because of its intensity.

You should consider natural lighting as an essential part of any room whenever possible. For artificial lighting, LED strips in the kitchen cabinet and suspended ceiling lamps are always a good option to highlight decoration complements or furniture, such as the table or a bench-type seat.

The Living Room

The living room is usually a place of choice, which reflects the taste of its residents. It’s the room where we entertain our visitors and where we spend most of the time as a family (alongside the kitchen). So, it must be a pleasant and comfortable place, as an extent of our personality.  The living room is often a “multitasking room”: you can relax or have parties, read or watch tv, play with your kids or take a nap. So, how should the lighting be in the living room? It must be subtle, cozy, and evenly distributed. The combination of diffuse and focused lighting can be an excellent option and be achieved either by lights in the ceiling or floor, desk, or wall lamps highlighting your favorite pieces of art or furniture in the room.

The Office

Regarding the office, it must be discreet and adjustable to the needs of those who enjoy it. The function of the lighting spots is, above all, to highlight the shelves or the computer on the desk.  However, we advise also installing a secondary light source in the area dedicated to reading or listening to music.

The bedroom

This room is supposed to be the most comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing space in the house. In addition to natural, artificial light must be smooth and pleasant, uniform and indirect. You can have lamps on the ceiling, table, or wall next to the headboard – this is an excellent option for those who enjoy reading or watching TV while in bed.

The bathroom

This is the place where people make the most mistakes in the lighting area. And yet, it’s so important to have adequate light in the bathroom. Don’t you agree? If next to the bath, the light can be indirect, less intense, to provide a more relaxing moment; in the washbasin and its countertop, it has to be light and soft, as it is the place where people get ready before leaving. The mirror itself can also include lighting.

Yellow or white light?

There is no single correct answer to this question. It depends on each person’s taste and sensation that each colour. However, it’s usual to choose light bulbs with a hot colour temperature for more intimate and social areas; and light bulbs with a cold colour for work and kitchen areas. Therefore, if you prefer warmth, yellow and less intense lights are ideal; if you need stronger light to see better, white is essential.    

Lighting has a significant influence on decoration. There is no point in having a well-decorated room and not illuminate it correctly. On the one hand, lighting enhances the decor; On the other, it is essential for each room’s functionality. If you want to remodel or build a house, know that this is a crucial point to consider. For this reason, it is advisable to look for the best professionals who will guarantee the execution of your decoration project.

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