Decorative Plants and flowers

Besides being an interior decoration trend, plants always go well in any room, taste, and style.

Real plants or flowers bring lots of benefits. However, you need to be careful and give it attention for them to stay healthy and showy. If you’re not a plant person, artificial flowers and plants can be a more practical and lasting solution, not to mention cheaper than natural ones considering their lifetime.

We can work with decorative plants and flowers in various forms and arrangements: on the ground, in large or small pots, on a piece of furniture, or even suspended, as a vertical garden.

Let us give  you two decoration tips on how to insert plants and flowers in any room of your house or office:

One interesting tip for decoration in indoor or outdoor rooms is the bamboo reed. It is versatile and elegant and an excellent option if you don’t have too much space. You can use the bamboo on the floor, corridors or decorate inside the house to give a tropical vibe to your balcony or garden. 

If you’re looking for a plant to decorate a piece of furniture, orchids are always a winning bet! Available in different sizes and colors (natural or artificial), orchids are exquisite flowers and go elegantly in any environment.

Besides helping bring nature to the inside of your house, these decorative elements have the power to balance your decor and bring more lightness to the room. And don’t be afraid of artificial plants, you will not believe the number of artificial plants easily mistaken for real!

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